Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Manly Art of Chainsaw

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My spouse recently aquired a chainsaw. A big one. He and our neighbors were out cutting wood for the winter, and I think he had way too much fun. They felled something like 15 trees in 5 hours, and had it all chopped up to managable size.

Of course, I was envious, because I couldn't use the new tool. Grrr. Its heavy enough that if I'd pick it up, I'd end up sawing off my leg when I drop it because of the weight and the power of the engine. That would be no good.

So, Jude gets to have all the fun, I got to take the pictures.

Return of the Artist

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Now that fall feels like it's in full swing, I can get back to my artful ways. I've been looking at the gray skies over the fields drying for harvest, and seeing watercolor paintings in my head. My dad, the master artist, was right. I haven't even done a watercolor since april or so.

It's interesting how cycles of activity seem to take up all the extra time in a given season. Summers have always been full of church activities - meetings, planning times, reunions, summer camps, de-briefing from summer camps, and planning of transition from summer camp to the first youth retreat of the school year.

Now that wave is over, and I feel as if I have some breathing room to do other things. I'm home this week, as I was last week. However, since this is the week After the first youth retreat of the school year, I feel as if I have all kinds of time on my hands. So, last evening, I hauled out my sewing machine to finish a project I started sometime earlier this year. It's not quite done, but I think by the weekend it will be.

I feel a bit like I'm returning to myself.
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