Saturday, April 26, 2014

surviving and thriving

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It's nearly May. To contrast this past year with the one before, I cannot tell you how much a difference
a) not dealing with postpartum depression has been.
b) having a curriculum with a clearly laid out schedule has been.

So, because, I've been focusing so much on figuring how how to do this homeschool thing, and on being a advocate for the licensing of homebirth midwives in Illinois, I have been sorely lacking in time for blogging. I guess really, most of my internet energy has shifted to brief posts on Facebook, since it's nice and easy to keep up with family and friends there.

I've even considered taking down the blog entirely, or at least turning it private.  I'm increasingly aware of how public and permanent our digital presence is, and feeling like maybe I should ditch it. Well, at least scale it back.  I know I can't undo what's been posted, and maybe I don't really want to undo it, but it's given me pause to consider: what is my purpose in having a public presence on the internet?

I don't have any clear answers to this. My blog's focus (if it ever had one) has shifted around as my life has changed.  So, the blog languishes, and I find myself wonder what to post, or not.

But we're still here, still surviving, and possibly even thriving.

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