Wednesday, February 18, 2009

week 36 - and a game!

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In honor of completing 36 weeks of pregnancy, I offer up a photo update, and a guessing game!

Here I am, at 36 weeks.

I feel pretty good, and I feel pretty big, too! It's becoming challenging to navigate around things, and to do certain tasks, like tying my own shoes, scrubbing the bath tub, and holding Elizabeth on my lap. But, it's been pretty enjoyable in general.

And as for the game part - Who's the best guesser? I've created an online game where you can enter in your predictions about this baby.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

reporting back from Cookie Day

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Elizabeth and I had an excellent time at Cookie Day yesterday, an event sponsored by Friends of Missouri Midwives to greet new and old legislators who will be representing us during this session of the General Assembly. We passed out about 20 packages of cookies to legislators in both houses, and we shared the sugary love equally across this aisle. Unfortunately (for us) most of the legislators were actually in session and out of the office when we we stopped by. That's good news for the citizens, however. Last time I was there, many of the legislators were not in the chambers during session. So, we talked to staff and asked them to pass along our well wishes for the session and shared what info we had.

Elizabeth was such a trooper. We got her a monkey backpack/harnessed tether for walking the halls. I knew she wouldn't want to ride in the stroller all the time, and I also knew that my pregnant self wouldn't be able to keep up with her all day. So, even after 3 hours of mostly walking, she walked along, at this point holding the monkey in her arms, as she was too tired to really take off running. I asked if she wanted to ride in the stroller, but she kept saying no.

Apparently, Elizabeth and my belly were on a local central Missouri news station. Elizabeth was pushing the stroller with a basket of cookies while I walked alongside. I knew the camera guy got some video of us, but I totally forgot about it by the end of the day. My mother-in-law called to say she was surprised to see both of my children on the news last night, and thought to call me and let me know.

We enjoyed eating pizza with a bunch of other homebirth supporters. We participated in the Rally at the Rotunda, where we heard from the movers and shakers over the last few years of Missouri's midwifery movement. We also heard from the main speaker for the even Jennifer Block. Unfortunately, where we sat it was hard to hear all of what was said, but I got the general feeling of what was going on, and Elizabeth gave enthusiastic applause each time the crowd clapped.

After that, we sat in on a discussion session with Ms. Block, I got my book signed, and Elizabeth made all kinds of friends - she traded her bear for a doll for a little while, and she shared her crackers with another child (with the mom's permission, of course). I'm concerned that we were being overly disruptive, though. Maybe that's just me being paranoid, though. By that time of day, Elizabeth was more than past ready for a nap, but I didn't want to pull myself away from being surrounded by like-minded people. I chatted for a few minutes with people from around the state. I originally felt a little disconnected, because I'm not associated with any homebirth/midwifery group that I can meet with in person, but there were several friendly people who introduced themselves and made me feel more welcome.

We got in the car, and headed home. Elizabeth fell asleep before we even hit the highway, and snoozed until we were home, about 3 hours later. It was a long day, but I hope that we made a difference by putting a face (and cookies) before the staff and legislators.
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