Friday, July 29, 2011

baby gear wishlist

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Alright, here are some awesome baby things that I wouldn't mind having for the third time around.  

For Baby Cakes:

Chicco Keyfit infant car seat.  I love the features of the seat, and when I've played with one in person, it just seems like it should be a breeze to install and adjust. I've wanted one since before E was born, but I've been blessed to have some hand me down car seats (non-expired, not in a car crash). But really, if I had my pick, I would go for something like this:

KeyFit 30 Romantic Car Seat

Play yard or an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper.  I guess I really don't care what kind, I prefer simple, neutral designs, like the car seat above.  I'm only half-way interested in a play-yard, but an early experience with E and N taught me the value of a safe place to put the baby.  When he was about 3 weeks old, I left him in (I thought) a safe place on the floor, away from his sister.  She discovered him, and dragged him and his blanket across the floor, and managed to put him on the treadmill while I was taking care of, eh-hem, important mommy business. Now, I know that I could find other ways to work around a safe place for baby, but a play yard certainly seems like a potentially valuable tool!

Tummy Tub. Frustratingly enough, I actually had one, new for $8 found at a consignment shop.  My kid did something - I don't know maybe jumping up and down on it while using it as a step stool? - and cracked it. I thought it was awesome enough to want another, though. Takes up less space than a traditional baby tub.


EarthMama AngelBaby. Baby stuff, like the bottom balm and the shampoo and baby wash.  Incredibly low on the toxic scale - as in Zero toxins. Natural and organic ingredients, and well rated on sites like Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. There are even hospitals that have switched to using EMAB products exclusively to avoid exposing babies to excessive chemicals from minute one.

Newborn cloth diapers. Like BebeMellons, or lil' joey, or bumgenius newborn.
I don't really need more newborn diapers, but I've been especially interested in some of the simpler diapering systems than prefolds/fitted and a cover. Simpler, at least in terms of apply diaper to baby. prefolds really are pretty simple, and the thicker the diaper the longer to wash and dry.  But still....

A super-cute handmade newborn hat. Maybe for pictures, maybe just for baby newness.

Aimee J Baby Journal. I've been interested in this journal since before E.  I've come back to it every pregnancy, even though I never end up buying it. 

For Me:

Belly Bandit. But in a bigger size for the first few weeks postpartum.  I already posted a bit about why this would be so awesome.

Postpartum custom pad kit from Homestead Emporium.  I know. Many of you are thinking "Ick!  Eww!!" But, I love my cloth pads and I Really love Homestead Emporium's pads. Custom, handmade, soft, comfy, and beautiful fabrics.

A jogging stroller.  I would love to be able to take the kids out for a walk/run come the spring.  I have high hopes of being ready for the Rock the Parkway 5k in April, even if Cakes and I are just walking along and it takes an hour and a half with nursing breaks ;).  Not something I really anticipate using a whole lot, since I tend to wear babies instead of pushing them in a stroller, but I'm not okay with running/jogging while wearing a baby.  Don't shake the baby, you know?

A new vehicle.  Yes, I know a Suburban is excessive. I probably wouldn't get a "new" new one, just a new used one that's several years old.   Thinking ahead for when we have 40 kids and all, since I'm not a huge fan of minivans. Chances are a minivan or a smaller cross-over SUV thing are in my future. Maybe something like a Traverse. But, I can dream, right?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

24 weeks

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Feeling good!
I'm happy.  See?

Oh, not happy enough?  There.  I'm smiling. See? And slouching, and sticking my belly out.

We'll go for a little posing, with no left toes.  (E's working on learning composition, and not chopping off things in pictures.) Since my shirt made a bit of a tent (hello, maternity clothes!) we clearly need some classic belly holding.

I need to remember to do some cropping after taking these photos.  I'm not motivated enough to go back and crop them now, though.

And, for the comparison picture -
Top: Starting me    Bottom: 24 weeks me.

 I managed to exercise a few times the past few weeks.  Working on increasing my habit. I managed to gain around 2 pounds in the past week.  That could be influence of ice cream and microwave s'mores on a regular basis.  It could also be that my scale has been acting oddly, and I'm not entirely sure that I trust it.  Still, over all, it would suggest a mere 11 pound gain in 24 weeks. Staying on target so far.

Jude says he thinks I'm "sticking out" more than I have with previous pregnancies at the same number of weeks. I think he's spending too much time out in the sun and heat because here I am last time around at 22 and 26 weeks:

Generally been feeling physically well.  Still working on my baby gear wishlist.  It seems a bit early to be posting such things at 24 weeks, but really, I'm more than halfway there. Just a little under 4 months. Yay! 

We're approaching one of my favorite times of year - Fall!  apples and grapes and canning and baking... pumpkin muffins.... yum! but, I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have some summer left to enjoy, and an upcoming 3 week family vacation - yes, a "real" vacation where we go somewhere, and see sites, and stay in hotels.  Somehow I always manage to do a long driving vacation just before the start of my third trimester.  Nothing quite like a 24 hour drive to Arizona in the heat of summer with two small children to end the season with.  But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I recently used one of those over the counter gender test kits. (don't worry, I didn't buy it, I won it in a giveaway).  With all of E's talk of Girl, and my feeling of Girl, I was honestly kind of surprised to see BOY.  But, at the same time, just because it says boy doesn't mean much - I mean The Feminist Breeder took the same test that said BOY, and ended up with a girl! Apparently boy is the default reading.  So, it doesn't really do much for me, except jog me out of my sense of girl, and back to a "Who Knows!" feeling.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

death and life, maybe in that order

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It's been hard for me, the past several weeks, to come up with much happy, frivolous things to post about.

My next door neighbor appears to be dying. He's been a great friend to us, and like a grandfather to our children. I've been thinking a lot about him, his wife, and their children/grandchildren. I haven't seen him in almost a month, and the reports I've been getting suggest a general declining trend, even if some days are better than others. Many have been praying for a full recovery and return to health. I want to be able to pray for that, but to be honest, I'm praying for whatever healing the Lord has to offer, for comfort for him and his family, and that the Lord's will be done. It's not necessarily a very hopeful kind of praying.

Every time I get up at night, I go by windows that look over their house. I think about them. Every time during the day that I look out any windows that face their house, I think of them. When I cook meals, when I go outside, when I hang my laundry, when I get in the car and go somewhere... It's pretty constant.

I worry, but about nothing in particular, I guess. The unknown, perhaps. How long will this go on? What will happen? I have been recently half-expecting a call any day saying that something significant has changed, and not for the better. I think about how I will explain to our children why they can't see their neighbor-grandpa anymore. It's hard enough now, but easy to say that he's sick, and that usually ends requests to go visiting next door.

Lots of dwelling on that situation, even in the midst of a life growing inside me. It seems like there should be some kind of spiritual "circle of life" thing being revealed. Maybe some kind of connections made about the interrelatedness of all life, and the eternal plain we all intersect. Something.

But no. I think about all the changes that will be happening over the next several months, all in little snap shots, compartmentalized.

I can't even think of a good way to end this post. There isn't a conclusion to be made, I suppose. Just thinking, worrying and praying.

Friday, July 15, 2011

22 weeks

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More than halfway there!

Definitely OUT of my regular pants and shorts.  I can wear them with a belly band, which does a good job of holding my shorts up.  Maternity clothes still look too big.

I've been dealing with a respiratory cold for the past two weeks.  It's pretty typical that I deal with mucus and a scratchy throat for a few weeks after the actual illness.  Just irritating.

I've only gained about 10 pounds the whole pregnancy. Yay! I feel that's doing pretty good considering that I have barely exercised.  On track for average weight gain. My pelvis hasn't been bothering me as much, so I'm hopeful that perhaps it will remain pretty non-ouchy. Maybe this means I will exercise more? Ha!  Now that the air conditioning is on, perhaps I will exercise. Sure...

I'm very grateful that my self-motivation has increased.  I'm actually getting things done around the house.  I'm still super tired from staying up too late, but I just need to turn off the computer... and go to bed! 

Cakes has been kicking around lot recently.  Jude can feel the bumps.  It's especially odd to feel the baby kicking my cervix (or somewhere not on the front of my belly). Elizabeth and Nathanael both like to listen for the heartbeat.

We've been telling Elizabeth the baby will come after the leaves turn colors and fall off the trees.  She keeps asking if the leaves are turning colors. She has has told me I have a big belly.  I tell her it's a good big belly.

One of my favorite quotes from Spiritual Midwifery about labor: 'Will it hurt, Donna? No, Abraham, it will be strong.'

Thursday, July 07, 2011

4th of July music and fireworks

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Our 4th was spent away from home.

We drove to the St. Louis area for a free Ok Go concert and fireworks display.  Elizabeth was really excited to be there.  Nathanael didn't really get what we were up to.  Before the concert started, the kids got some face painting done.  E still won't let me wash what little is left of her flowers off.

Elizabeth kept saying "It's the Ok Go guys!" and screaming loudly every time a song she recognized came on. Nathanael busted out his dance moves, and sometimes sang along, as well.

 All of us really enjoyed our night out with music and fireworks.  Definitely worth the drive.


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"Ahhhh!!!" (fake screaming) running around "Scared!" of what? "Dog." The ride on toy.

"Fast!" running through the house, or, alternately, rolling on the dog ride-on toy.

He is usually pretty accurate in identifying colors. He recognizes that some things are letters, and even gets some letters right.

Loves, loves, LOVES riding the 4-wheeler. Asks almost every day. "Four-wheeder. Ride? Keys? Drive?"

Favored name for Elizabeth: Bess


(while taking photos of me) "Okay, a little right - no - back. Ok! Good! Now smile! Bigger... Great! Just like that!"

She enjoys singing, especially at random times.

She has good logic skills, and can explain her reasoning and justification when she wants something.  People who overhear her often laugh or smile when she can offer a reasonable explanation for her actions or wishes. She is non-stop talk.

Collecting rocks is her new hobby.

Favored name for Nathanael: Buddy
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