Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, The Places I'll Go...

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Things I've thought about doing during my life (since leaving high school):


Historic Building Preservation


Weaver (as in textiles)

Interior Designer


Graphic Designer

Shop Owner
Health Food/Natural products/organic stuff
Cloth Diapers

Doula (Child Birth and Postpartum support)

Midwife (shocking, considering I never, ever wanted to be a nurse, because it all grosses me out, but I guess when you're motivated...)

La Leche League leader

Own a working farm (like a Community Supported Agriculture farm)

Broadway Singer. Seriously. (Recognizing that talent precedes employment, I knew it was unlikely. I did take voice during college, though.)

I'm all over the map on these things. At least I've got ideas for the 5+ career changes the average person makes.

You can see themes in my interests - Arts, History, Environmentalism. I always thought that Historic Preservation was a nice meeting point of my interests. That's actually what I was intending to do upon graduation (go to grad school and pick up a masters in Historic Preservation) However, I took an alternative route, and instead I attempt to master the piles on my desk(s) on a daily basis. I'll know I've accomplished something when I finally get to (and finish) the project sitting on the bottom of the pile on my studio desk.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

microwave s'mores

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1 graham cracker, split into 2 squares
1/4 of a standard sized Hershey's chocolate bar
1 marshmallow

Stack the cracker, chocolate and marshmallow, with cracker on the bottom. Place on a paper towel and put in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Be sure to keep a close eye on the marshmallow - you'll see it start to puff up. You don't want to microwave it for too long. It Will explode.

When done, place the remaining cracker on top, and voila! a microwave s'more, all for about 150 calories!

Monday, October 29, 2007

water conservation

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I've been thinking about our friends in the Southeast, and how in some areas, water conservation is now vital to living. As part of my gift to society, I present to you some "well DUH" water conservation tips:

1) Wear your clothes more than once. Establish "Dirty" as being obviously smelly, such that Febreeze offers no relief, and there are obvious marks on your clothing (say, baby spit-up, mud, things that require a full washing to remove.

2) Wash FULL loads of laundry. Forget sorting in to light reds, dark reds, light blue, medium blue, greens, purples, whites, beiges and denim. Light and Dark, that's all you need, if that.

3) Use a towel several times. Apply the principle used to determine "dirty" clothes.

4) Leave your sheets on the beds for twice as long as you normally would.

5) Wash your dishes by hand, and re-use your rinse water - don't let the water run to rinse your dishes.

6) Does your plant provide you food, or some essential medicine? Let it Die. or, find ways to creatively reuse your grey water.

7) Washing your car is NOT essential.

8) Don't Flush. Seriously - only flush every other time, or only flush when there is feces in the toilet. Pee is just a little more liquid in the pot.

9) Shower with someone.

10) Take "camp" showers - water on to get wet. turn off. soap up. turn water on. Rinse. turn water off. Done.

11) Shower less often. Everyone is conserving water, anyway, so no one will really be willing to call another person on their odor.

12) Use hand sanitizer instead of water and soap when possible.

I'm sure there are many more that could be applied, but hopefully, this will give you a smaller water bill!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day to Day

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Although the original intent of my blog had been to reflect upon profound things in art, life, and religious, I find myself merely reflecting what is going on in my life, which may, or may not, involve art or religion. Honestly, most of the things I now have to reflect upon involve my daughter. Not very academic or insightful, but it is true to life.

Since there's little value in trying to make something of myself that I'm just... Not, I'll be who I am - a wife, mother, and occasional artist who happens to do youth work in her church.

I'll throw some cliche sayings at you: my children are my art. There's no greater job than raising God-loving people to adulthood. Yada, yada. While I think there is an essential truth to these things, I do find it irritating that we stay-with-our-kids-24/7-mom's feel the need to justify what we do. I know that I feel the need to somehow make what I do on a daily basis equal to what I had received training to do whilst in college. Unfortunately, the day to day reality is that at some level, I am not content being "only" a 24/7 childcare provider. It's not that I don't have enough to do, or that I sit around bored for hours on end. I don't even keep up with household chores. I don't spend much time on hobbies. It comes down to wanting a PURPOSE for the things that I do in life, having a deadline, and specific goals in mind, to which another person can hold me accountable. Working for someone else provides the structure that I (apparently) desire in my work. I wouldn't make a very good self-employed person.

Don't be mislead to thinking that I don't enjoy being with my daughter. I'm attached enough that I wouldn't want to be away from her during the day. I wouldn't trade being a "stay-at-home-mom" for a career in the design industry, or a life in academia. I suppose, ultimately, I'm frustrated that I can't have both, at the exact same time.

And that is the nature of life, that there are choices to make, and sacrifices so we can accomplish that which matters most to us.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Family Resemblance

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I found these photos:

Think we're related?

(I'm the girl, as in, the first picture)

If anyone had been in doubt about whether Justin was adopted, now you know that I was adopted, too. Apparently we had the same birth parents. Who look remarkably like my "real" parents...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Postpartum anxiety

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Hi, My name is Carrie, and I have experienced postpartum anxiety. It took me 4 months to figure out what was really going on. I thought it was asthma. I thought it was allergies. But I kept pursuing it, and finally found out that my panic attacks were just that. Panic attacks.

The reason I feel lead to write about this is that from what I've read, this is something that is under-reported, and often lumped in with postpartum depression. I know when someone mentioned that maybe I was experiencing some ppd, I thought 'but I'm not depressed... I feel fine. Except for the shortness of breath, the nausea and vomiting, the tight-chest, the tingling hands and feet, the cold face.' Let's not forget the nearly constant concern over what would happen if I was alone when I had an attack, or how I would take care of the baby, or would I have to go to the hospital, or what if I was driving, or in public, or in a strange place...

What I've come to find is that post-partum anxiety fits into the continuum of post-partum disorders. People talk about the sadness and the "blues" but this just doesn't get covered. I haven't done thorough research, but I know what I've experienced. Did it ruin my life? no. Did I need to be medicated for it? no. But I did need to know was what was going on, and what I could do about it. Honestly, it was as simple (for me) as talking about it to people I trusted and who were supportive, resting more, making sure to take my vitamins and to eat well, and to start getting some exercise. I haven't had an attack since early June, and but I still occasionally struggle with nagging worries about if/when there will be another attack.

While it is completely normal to experience some kind of postpartum reaction, sometimes it's nice to know what really is going on.

What is frustrating, though, is that as common as this is, it's not something anyone really talked to me about before hand. It was only after I started asking my friends and family that people spoke up and said, yeah, that happened to me, too.

To all the moms out there who have anxiety, God Bless you.

Environmental Grumpiness

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I make an effort to be environmentally conscious. I recycle. I cloth diaper (bumGenius are awesome!)I have reusable grocery and produce bags. some might call me crunchy.

At my local Hy-Vee however, my efforts seem in vain. On a recent trip to the store, I had my trusty paid-for-themselves-already bags. I made my purchases. The bagger put some items haphazardly into my bags, and proceeded to use 10 more plastic bags! Merely 2-4 items per bag! Granted, I purchased somewhat more than typical, but I can usually fit a whole trip's worth of items in my 4 bags. Growl. Those baggers need to learn the art of bagging. The looks of confusion I get when I wander in with my bags... at least I get $.05 discount every time I use my own bag!

Monday, June 25, 2007


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I had a young relative at my home recently, and it was indeed and enlightening expereience.
In my home, organic, un-homogenized milk is standard. Which mean, that my cream is at the top, and sometimes, even with vigorous shaking, it will still have little clumps in it.
I offered my young guest a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and she requested added white sugar to the plain wheat Chex, and we poured on the milk. I noticed several minutes later that the bowl was virtually untouched. I asked if something was wrong, and she described the cream bits. She didn't know what it was, and she didn't want to eat it even after she found out. Alright, I can respect that. It just strikes me as interesting how little people are really informed about how and where their food comes from. It cracked me up when she said, "It comes from the Cow like that?1?" after I had described how the milk she has at home is different from mine.

I was impressed, however, when she went ahead and ate the steamed broccoli we had the night before, even though she really doesn't care for it.

Oh, the food oddities to which I can look forward.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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I've noticed that the past few posts have been created on Wednesdays. In an effort to continue that tradition, I am posting.

A brief update while Baby is snoozing -

Babies Rock. 'nough said.

The longer version of that:
I really enjoy having a baby. I thoroughly enjoy being a not-gainfully-employed-outside-the-home-mom (some people refer to this as a "stay-at-home-mom," but the "staying" part seems a little misleading). I am looking forward to my return to creativity in the artistic sense. As Baby E gets older, I find more opportunities to take some time while she plays to accomplish things I haven't been able to in the past few months. Sadly, I'm just now beginning to incorporate things that used to be part of my weekly routine (getting back into recycling, regularly cleaning, and hopefully, tackling some organizational and decorative project around la hacienda).

Indeed, it has been great. I can spend many hours just watching and cuddling with Baby Girl. She does all kinds of wonderful things that all babies do, and does them within the range of normal, but I'd like to think that she falls into the category of babies that are on the leading edge of the bell curve. She rolls, she scoots. She laughs, she stands with support. She kicks her legs excitedly, loves cooing and aahhing at her dad, and makes her opinions known quite vocally. She likes to look at picture books, and enjoys being read to. She likes to go with me around the house in our baby wrap. People say she's a beautiful baby. I'd also like to think that she truly is an outstandingly good-looking child, but recognize that people tend to think most babies are beautiful, unless they are noticeably Un-Cute.

Highly recommended to married couples in stable life circumstances!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

baby-induced blogging hiatus

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Yes. I had a baby. a SHE. so cute!
no time.
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