Friday, August 29, 2008

blogging mystery

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For the past several months, I've been getting lot of hits to my post about my orange motorola rockr.

My stat counter tells me these things. And when I click the link that brings a person to my blog, all it brings up is the results of the Google image search, showing that the image someone clicked on comes from that particular post on my blog.

Someone out there has somehow used that image from my blog (which is alright by me) I just want to know where it is that people keep clicking through to my blog. Perhaps I'm just being too internet-unsavy.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the end of summer

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It's here. Kids are back at school, the weather is cool, and it even smells like fall.

I look forward to fall, but I'm definitely sad to see the summer go. I had hoped to get out and go camping at some point this summer, but that just didn't happen. We'll try to get in a fall camping weekend, but already, the weekends are filling up fast!

I think this fall, I'll give another go at canning some grape juice, apple butter, and maybe some other things. The peaches and tomatoes are coming on next door, so we'll be having some canning parties there.

I'm all fired up to make some pumpkin muffins. Also a fine reminder of fall.

And, I'm feeling a desire to get out to a fair, like the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, which starts this weekend. I used to attend every year with my family, and in high school, I even worked a few years out there with some friends. Jude is not so much into renfest-like activities, so I guess I'll just have to try to go with my like minded family members. Jude will just have to endure!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

speaking of photos

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I decided to finally pull photos off my cell phone. These images aren't the best, but they capture some interesting moments...

Pushing the cart at Wal-Mart

On the merry-go-round

Elizabeth tried drinking her yogurt out of the bowl. She ended up with most of it on her face and shirt.

After an exhausting afternoon swimming, Elizabeth crashes out on the towel.

Notice the cup is almost as big as she is...

As soon as she puts on her sunglasses (not always in the right direction, as seen here) she assumes the "attitude" - it clearly says "I'm too cool for you, Mom and Dad."

Caught this on a recent drive home from Chicago. Nice double digging!

She loves the camera. She's been saying, "mah-muh?" when ever she sees a camera she wants to use.

does the cuteness wear off?

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I realized this morning that I hardly ever take pictures of Elizabeth anymore. Up to 6 or 7 months, I took photos nearly every day, and now, I feel like I'm missing her doing things.

I suspect it all has more to do with the rate of change. It's not that she's less cute, it just that new things don't happen as often - there are fewer firsts, and so many of them now are more verbal than visual.

Still, though, I'd like to get back into the habit of more photos. Perhaps I just need to chain my camera to my hand.

Of course, the down side to taking lots more photos is that I would have to make the time to edit them to share with everyone. Oh, sacrifices...

Monday, August 18, 2008

crawling back from the back 40

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And this is why I wouldn't make a good professional blogger: I am obviously lacking in consistency.

So, in recent events:

Jude and I were at Grad Camp last week (for college age people) and it was a pretty good time. I know we're not college age, but we were on staff, so that was our excuse to be there. :) I'm looking forward to next year's camp!

Elizabeth is being clever - She can kick a moving ball (usually she is chasing it, as opposed to me rolling it to her).

She is also using two syllables for some words - cracker (ca-ca), baby (duh), Banana (Nana!), a bite (a-by), and an all purpose word, a-ba-ba-ba, usually said as a question. The could mean: yogurt, breakfast bar, Manna-bear, or something else entirely.

Unfortunately, we're at the end of summer. Not many weekends left to try to get some real camping in (like, in a tent, cooking over a fire). I hope we can get out at least once!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

buckets of guts

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On my shopping trip today, I stopped by the farm where I pick up fresh produce and eggs. I happened to arrive just as they were finishing up their chickens. Butchering the chickens. yuck.

So, I got to see 3 chicken carcasses, several food containers full of whole birds that were chilling, and a bucket full of guts, feet, and heads. I was kind of expecting that I might at least want to wretch, as I was forewarned when I called that they were working on butchering chickens. I guess I managed to be coolly aloof.

They explained their whole system. I saw where they bleed out the chickens, then scald them, then put them in a defeathering device. After that, it's all hands on (and feet/heads off!).

I can plainly see, however, that although I like to think of my self as someone who could handle it if the world suddenly screeched to a halt and we had to live like pioneers, I am wee bit squeemish to do that at the drop of a hat. I now totally respect my sister-in-law who hunts and dresses her own animals. That is way cool. If we have to live like pioneers, I'm moving next door to her.
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