Friday, March 31, 2006

watercolor: revisited

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I broke the watercolor barrier.

For the past several (!) weeks, I've had a quarter sheet of watercolor paper waiting to be painted upon. I've been home for a few weeks, and even had it on my schedule to paint everyday. Didn't happen. Except for today.

While I don't feel this is a well balanced painting, I enjoyed trying out things I hadn't done before, and it was a good refresher to employ some techniques I've been working on. This is very much a learning piece. I like the middle section with the brown at the edge of the rich yellow - there's some depth created in a way I haven't done before. I'll have to explore this more. Looking back at my collection of paintings thus far, I see that I continue to struggle with skies. I think in my head "blue" and have difficulty getting past that.

Now that the board is clear, I can pursue other paintings! I have a stack of paper waiting to be used. I suppose there's no time like the present to get done the things that I enjoy doing. I find it sad that even though I enjoy watercolor painting, I don't make it a high priority. It's a shame, really, because it is definitely worth while.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Things Found

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As I was going through my personal collection of stock images, I came across this cute kitty. He was a foster kitten at our house for a few weeks last summer. We (the housemates) decided it was in our best interest to give him away as rapidly as possible, because it just wasn't practical for us to keep a cat. The cat (whom some of us temporarily called "Yoda" or "little cat") went through quite a lot with us. He's in a good home now.

I think if I find one like him again, I'll keep him. When I see his picture, I still wish I had found a way to keep him.


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I feel like I got something done today. I moved a big pile of firewood from Way over There --> to Way over There <-- It was something like a pick-up truck load of wood. Now, I know that my housemates would suggest this is not such a big deal. They do it All the Time.

For me, it was a big deal. As with many things in my life, I was inclined to quit halfway through. I perservered. I've discovered that I'm a bit of a quiter. If there's something I don't want to do, regardless of whether I can do it, I'll just... Stop. Lots of half finished projects sit around the house beacuse I lost interest. It's a challenge to change a behavior that doesn't seem to offer much benefit.

Back to the firewood - there were some incentives to get the work done. It's a lovely day outside. Gorgeous! Excellent short sleeved shirt weather when I'm working hard enough to require some cooling. It was also a great way for me, a non-exerciser to get excercise while doing something useful.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

swirly brain

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This is one of those times when there are so many things to write about, and so little thought organzation.
sewing machines. watercolors. flowers, spring, green grass. cleaning house and clearing the drafting table for some real drafting. lives in crisis, families at peace. visitng with friends, learning things to help others, my little ponies on my desk.

I think the state of my computer desk really captures, in visual, the state of my brain. a little bit of clear space in the front to do some basic work. things to cut with, things to draw with. sticky notes, music makers, toys, software, fun books, junkmail, calling cards, instructtion manuals, candles. projects half done, others need to be started.

It seems funny that I should work so hard to compartmentalize the aspects of my life into tidy little stories. There are so many things that go on that impact my thinking. So, for this post, a snapshot of my swirly brain.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

know your weaknesses

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Eating while driving. Driving while eating. Whichever way it really is, I realized recently that if I am behind the wheel, it's a Bad Idea to be eating. Especially if I'm eating something crunchy, like chips.

Reason #1: my car is not a restaurant. It's not Safe to eat and drive, because of the distraction of the food.

Reason #2 (the more important reason): If I'm sitting there eating from a bag of chips in my lap, my mouth doesn't stop chewing! The driving part distracts me enough that I eat on autopilot. Not so healthy for anyone, to chow through a bag of chips.

I've found this is a weakness of mine. I go to the grocery store. I'm shopping, and hungry (mistake #1) I walk By the chip aisle, then turn around and walk Through the chip aisle (mistake #2). I purchase, and I leave, groceries in hand. Then, in some kind of eating frenzy, I open the bag, and proceed to munch the whole 15 minute drive home (and finally, #3). As if I'm somehow trying to conceal the evidence of my non-stop noshing. (If you eat the evidence, no one knows!)

Lest anyone be concerned that I put myself in danger of an accident or weight gain, this is not a regular occurrence. Typically I can withstand the temptation. Just not all the time!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wannabe Quilter

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On my way back home from work this week, I dropped by a bookstore for my most recent book purchase - Quilter's Complete Guide. This particular title was suggested to me by several women at a quilting retreat I attended last fall. Quilting, you say? Some of you might be thinking, "Gee, I didn't know Carrie is a quilter." No worries, you are not confused. I do not quilt. I want to quilt, hence the book.
You might now be wondering, "What do you do at a quilting retreat, if you don't quilt?" Well, I did "whatever." (Conveniently, the name of the retreat was Quilting and Whatever.)

I'm a wannabe quilter. I've been interested in quilting since I was in high school, but I never pursued it further. Well, I take that back. Once, at a church thing, we got a quilt block set for us to piece together. I think I felt that one 9x9 block was pointless without several more, so I didn't mess with it much further.

I have one item that is quilt-ish - a T-shirt blanket, cut and pieced by myself, based on trusty internet instructions. I even put a *border* on it. Ooooo... I put a fleece back on it, tied it together with yarn in strategic locations, and Voila! A "Quilt"!

I've had sufficient time in the past few months to deeply consider if I'm going to pursue this quilting adventure. I got the book. This week, I'm getting the sewing machine. Maybe the week after that, I'll decide on a project.

I'll be attending another quilting retreat this spring with the same group of women. This time, I'll have my own sewing machine, and maybe even a project, so I can piece out with the rest of the ladies. I'm so excited!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where have all the watercolors gone?

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My father asked me how my watercolors are going. I'm sad to say that they haven't been going for about a 2 weeks, now. I've got lots of excuses. The biggest one is that I'd been gone from home for 8 days. As for the other 6 days, well... I would like to pretend I was prepare for the youth retreat that Jude and I directed. I'm sure I did a variety of other things that were mostly pointless.

I don't know if I'll be home next week. Probably, I'll be out with the Man o' Many Towers, filling out paperwork as he views the Chicago skyline from atop the watertowers in Chicagoland. Maybe I should have him take a camera up for a picture to inspire a watercolor!

It's hard to get into the mode to paint when I haven't painted very recently. Every time I start, it seems like I cover the same ground. Now that I'm thinking about it, though, I'm seeing some paintings in my mind that I need to paint. Where's that paper....

Flying J

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They're building a Flying J truck stop in my town. From my house, I have a spectacular view of the 4 lane highway, and the site for the new truck stop. Let me express how much this excites me.

Now that I've expressed, let me tell you how much I'm looking forward to the bright lights of the parking lot illuminating my front yard, creating the sense of daytime when standing inside on an otherwise dark night.

O, progress. The concrete rolls on.

On the bright side, my dad (the master artist) has completed a painting that is a fictionalization of my front yard. Or at least, it will be as soon as the Flying J brightens my doorstep. I can look forward to having this painting remind me of what was. Actually, I'm pretty enthusiastic about eventually placing this piece in my home. It's monster huge. It will fill a (small) wall.

I haven't had the opportunity to see this piece in person. I'm told the colors knock your socks off in real life. The digital image just doesn't convey reality of the image.

welcome home

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There are times when I sit and stare. I feel that way right now. This morning, I woke up in Joliet, IL. I went to work with the guy who does the Real work. I just filled out the paperwork. (although it's not drafting lettering, I practice my good handwriting - thanks college!) I sat (in the truck) and read some paperwork for a church meeting I went to tonight. I was in Cedar Rapids, IA for the meeting at 4:30, and started from home after 9. And, here I sit at home.
It certainly seems like it's been a long day. I suppose some are longer than others.
Welcome home.
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