Thursday, November 12, 2009

new dress

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I don't need an excuse to post photos of my girl in a new dress.

She has asked to wear this dress every day for the last 3 days.

I think if I had a dress like that, I'd want to wear it every day, too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fish sticks

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Some days are just not very... healthy. Take today, for instance. We're having fish sticks for lunch. Now, I did read labels carefully, and I use brands that leave out most of the bad things, like HFCS, MSG, artificial colors and the like. But still.

Fish Sticks?!?

And so, that's what we're having. Because I still can't find the counter top in my kitchen, or where I put half the groceries I bought yesterday. But I can find the freezer, a cookie sheet and the oven.

I think we'll supplement with a spinach salad, and some homemade applesauce. Sounds healthy, right?

Notice the stems of the spinach lined up in a row on the table? At least she eats something green.

And then while Elizabeth takes a nap, follow it up with a nice dose of medicinal Cookies N' Cream ice cream. Because I need it.

And don't ask about the mac and cheese we're having for supper.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


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I love my kids.

Last night, I had both with me in the rocking chair, in their fuzzy footie sleepers - Elizabeth wearing green with pink skiing snow women, Nathanael wearing blue with white polar bears (and polar bear heads on the feet. How cute!) Elizabeth had been fussing and whining and wiggly about going to bed. Finally, sitting with me in the chair, she settled down. We sang a few songs, but really what she needed was her dad.

I went and pulled out the CD that Jude and Randy recorded more than 8 years ago. I enjoyed hearing songs I hadn't heard in a while, and E liked hearing her dad singing.

We rocked away, my two children and I, until both kids drifted off to sleep.

Those are the moments that I wish I could keep forever.

Monday, November 02, 2009

another monday

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The weekend has passed, I'm home with the kids while Jude is off at work. Elizabeth is napping (for now!) and Nathanael is playing with a toy on the floor.

It's November, and windy. I'm in a new home. There's a lake in my front yard, thanks to all the rain we've had. I have a garage, but I'm so used to parking outside that I hardly ever think to put the car in it.

I'm feeling the need to ebay and freecycle stuff. Lots of stuff.

Instead, I'll wander about my house, putting things away, hopefully a bit faster than the kids get them out. I'm grateful that Jude was able to get a lot of stuff put away over the weekend. I feel much less like we're living out of boxes, and more like we've moved in.

We don't have any TV reception here (and at this point, I'm refusing to give in to satellite simply to watch PBS or the evening news!) There's been a little less TV babysitting going on, but there have been more movies while we do things like fold clothes and color. All the while trying to keep Nathanael from staring too long at the TV. I don't want his infant brain to go to mush because we're watching 101 Dalmations!

I don't want my own brain to go to mush, either, but there's not much help for that.
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