Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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I admit it. I've been a slacker for the past, ohhh 3 weeks.

I ran my race. It was super great.  And then I got sick.  And I've been unmotivated. My house is a disaster. I haven't exercised more than the daily required movement to take me from one place to another.

I have several posts I've been mentally working on, but I've been slacking so much that I just haven't done them.

My kids think PBS is great.  And we've been watching season one of Glee. (yay netflix!)  But I think we're running out of TV hours.  As in, I think we've more than used our share of staring at the bright box.

Sigh.  Time to catch up on life!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'm done! My first official 5k, and how I rocked it.

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I finished my first official 5k!

I ran the Rock the Parkway 5k in Kansas City with two of my wonderful cousins.  My brother totally skipped out on us, but we're okay with that.  You're on for next year, though, bro - watch out.  We girlies might beat you to the finish!

My stats: chip time was 36:30; gun time 37:44.  Fastest time, ever. For me at least.  I was 130 of 240 women in my age group. I was the 981st finisher for my race, out of 1594. I must be honest and say I did not run the full time.  That's not my style right now.  I run for a while, walk a little, run, walk. It works for me, for now.

I am so totally stoked!  I did a little happy dance when the race started (and we were standing around waiting for the first thousand people to cross the start line). I would have done a little happy dance at the end but I was pretty done by then. I regret not taking the time to stretch shortly after the race.  I felt that for the next 2 days.  I also felt sick with something flu like, so maybe my body was rejecting the who "run for fun" idea.  Too bad, body.  I win!

I'm already plotting and scheme for my next couple of races. I think maybe I'm hooked.  I'm also trying to rope other people in to doing them with me.  There's a local 5k that happens Labor Day weekend, and I have a friend here in town that I'm hoping will train with me to do that race.  I've talked to another friend about doing the Rock the Parkway race again next year. Whee!

Now I need to go find some new running shoes.  I think my pink and silver New Balance shoes have done me well in my fitness journey over the past several years.  They look fine, and the tread is still great, but I think I've done more than 500 miles in those shoes.

Any recommendations for a good shoe?
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