Friday, July 31, 2009

Happpy Birthday, Jacob!

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Elizabeth sings for her cousin Jacob's second birthday (from across the state). She also helps to blow out the candles!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

being a big girl

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Over the past week or so, I've been noticing how much of a "big girl" Elizabeth has become. I think she must have grown or something, because she just looks... bigger. I see glimpses of who she'll become, hiding in the midst of the cute toddler that is quickly disappearing.

She is much more verbal, and understandable. She'll quietly look at a book or magazine. She's 2 going on 13 - she loves music videos, she throws inexplicable tantrums, and she's at times incredibly frustrating. She's stubborn, just like her mama (can we say "no potty on the pot"?)

She loves her some technology. ;) (had to throw something hick-like in there in honor of my hick-in-hiding sis-in-law). She loves playing Wii at other people's houses, she'll steal any cell phone she can find (and take pictures with it). She can manage the entertainment system.

One of my favorite things of late, however is her mimicry of music videos. There are several that she does, but some of the Taylor Swift videos are my favorites -

Here she is singing along to the "Picture to Burn" video by Taylor Swift. The drying rack leg with the blanket is her microphone, the broom is her guitar. At the end, she's asking for "should've said no" - That one's fun - when I get a good video of it, I'll post it!

Kids are Great!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

loving my baby

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I'm loving my baby.

Nathanael is really displaying his personality in the past few weeks. He is generally a happy guy, but he lets you know what he wants, when he wants it, and does so immediately, with very little warning.

If we remove a toy (or other object of interest) from his grasp, he starts wailing, and calms as soon as it is returned to his tight grip.

If he is tired and we aren't taking him to bed (other places just won't do) he is vocal about it. But sometimes, in spite of himself, he'll fall asleep comfortably in our arms.

When we balance him on a knee, he gets his whole body moving - arms, legs, torso - all motion, all the time.

He may not be crawling, but don't be deceived into thinking that he can't get anywhere. He "slizzers" - by pushing and kicking with his legs, he can propel himself across the floor, on belly or back (although since he perfected his roll over, he's mostly on the belly now.)

One of my favorite times is when he is breastfeeding. When he's really hungry, he's focused. No time for chit-chat. But, towards the end of a nursing session, he'll stop, and look up at me, study my face, smile. He'll nurse a little bit more, and repeat. If I'm talking, he'll stop and pay attention to me. If someone else is talking, he'll stop and look for their faces. I adore his sweet smiles and the look of intense focus when he's looking at someone.

He's a wonderful, precious little boy, and I feel blessed to be his mama!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

new cloth diapers!

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Well, after 2.5 years, I'm getting some new one-size pocket diapers. The BumGenius OneSize diapers I have are nearing the end. They have some major aplix/velcro issues (think a chain of diapers coming out of the wash), The aplix on the front of the diaper is starting to come of the diapers, the elastic is failing, and some of the diapers are starting to wick right through the fabric. Not too bad after 2 years of use. They paid for themselves in the first year, so I certainly got my money's worth out of them!

I was having a hard time justifying purchasing new diapers. They haven't completely failed, but they are not reliable enough for me to be willing to use them on trips out of the house or for overnight, which were the reasons I got them to begin with. When I realized that, I knew it was time for some new diapers.

I debated whether or not to go with BG again - I know I loved them for the first few months I had them, but I also recall that I became disenchanted with them after a year, mostly because of aplix and elastic issues.

In the end, I did order 12 new BG diapers, and I'm going out on a branch to try some One Size Fuzzi Bunz. They have snaps instead of aplix, and a different technology for adjusting the size of the diaper. I'm a little concerned that I might not love the snaps. I have a couple of snap covers, and they aren't my favorites, but I'm thinking these might be different enough to be okay. If they don't work out, I can always turn around and sell them!

Anyway, I'm excited about new diapers. Yay!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

toddlers are gross

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Nathanael has taken to spitting up recently. Today, he left some cheese-curdy spit on my shoulder (something I apparently overlooked.) I sat down to check my email, and Elizabeth climbed into the chair next to me to brow beat me into watching music videos (7 things? start over?)

She looked at me, touched the spit with her finger, and proceeded to put her finger covered in baby spit-up in her mouth. "Mama yogurt!" I explained that it was baby spit-up. "Baby yogurt!" I don't think she really understood.

Ew. Gross.
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