Wednesday, October 17, 2012

our homeschool studio - classrrom - playroom

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We've been working at getting our space for homeschooling together and this is (mostly) what it looks like. 
In this corner, we have our reading area, our "prayer tree" and calendar.  And a playyard that Adelle sometimes uses. We're trying to help her learn it's a happy place, not a torture box especially for babies.


The low shelves are primarily toys and learning tools for the kids. We have a place to display their artwork up above.


The tall shelves have most of the books, crafting and learning supplies.  You can also see part of the dining room, which looks MUCH better now! 

I still have more that I would like to see added to our space:
An bookshelf to display kids books cover-side out, near the reading corner.l
Some framed art up above the shelves, where the walls are tallest.
A cool lamp for the reading corner.
Additional shelves for the low bookcases so I can make better use of space for putting out puzzles and manipulatives for the kids.
I need to figure out some space for putting up our maps.
A pocket chart for weather and other calendar activities - near the calendar, but I'll need to put it high enough that Adelle won't tear it apart.

The computer for the kids is between the kitchen and family room, so it's not in this picture.  It's a pretty boring space, and kind of cluttered right now.  We'll address taking photos of that space some time when it is clean, and the rest of the house is a disaster.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

not a giveaway blog

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I guess I'm glad I didn't get in to hosting giveaways on my blog.

I just spent 15 minutes going through my feed reader and unsubscribed from a bunch of blogs that at one point used to host giveaways, but have had nothing new to post in months. Some of them have new posts, but they're totally uninteresting to me.

That could have been my blog, if I had gone that direction.

Companies only give you stuff so many times.  Eventually you run out of companies to approach if you are doing giveaways for a very specific audience (like cloth diapers).  I may not have a whole bunch of followers, and we might be lucky if I update my blog every month, but I do update.  I've been around for 6 years.  I guess I'm not a young'n in blog land. I'm just not well know, and that's probably just as well.

I'm not opposed to doing a give away once in a while for my small collection of loyal readers.  But don't expect me jump on the giveaways bandwagon.  There's more to blogging than that.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

adelle reads

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Since we homeschool, we like to claim learning can happen anywhere.  So. Here is Adelle reading by osmosis at a wedding.
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