Friday, May 12, 2006


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I've recently been discovering some interesting things about my social personality.

When I am in a grocery store, or another large buy-your-stuff-cheap discount store, I hope that I don't see people that I know. Really, this only applies to people I know as acquaintances. I fear meeting old high school classmates when I grocery shop in my home town. I hope I don't run into people I know passingly through church. I find these situations very awkward. I'm not good at small talk, and I make the wrong facial expressions at inappropriate moments. Sometimes, if I see people I know, I will quickly turn to a different aisle, hoping that they won't have noticed me. I'd like to think that I can be anonymous when I shop, but sadly, no.

I don't have much of a problem talking with the strangers in the checkout line. It's not like I avoid all people. But, it's still weird.


Anonymous said...

I think you should get a blond wig and some big sunglasses -that will help the ID issue.
I am alwsays supprised when I see someone I know - now if I was in Nauvoo - I would be supprised if I didn't see some I know. Oh well big town-small town.
I think the quilt is a great design and craftsmanship - but that is what I expect.
The dad

Anonymous said...

your not alone on this one....

Sarah said...

I hate it when I think I remember somebody's name, but I'm not sure, so I don't use their name. And then I think, "They've got to realize I'm not saying their name because I don't know it. Maybe I should guess." But then I think I'll probably get it wrong, and that would be even worse than not using their name at all. And then somebody else calls them by name, and I find out I had it right all along, but now if I use their name they'll think I didn't know it until somebody else said it. So yeah. I maybe overthink these things.

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