Friday, June 23, 2006

1 lie, revealed.

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I thought for the curious, I'd say what the lie was:

3) Some of my family tree is inbred as recently as 4 generations ago. To my knowledge, there is no truth in this.

The other 2 are, in fact, true:

1) One of the people who babysat me as a child was later in life convicted of assisting murder. He ended up in a cult. I remember him as a nice guy who made some cool miniatures.

2) I stole something from a friend as a child, and lied to her face about it. I felt horribly guilty, and a couple days later gave what I stole back and said I was sorry. I was in maybe 2nd grade. And really, I didn't sneak and steal, like taking it from her bag, or whatever. I just found it on the floor of the bus, but I knew later that she was looking for it. I lied when she saw it and said something about it, and I said, no, it's mine.


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