Thursday, August 03, 2006

cool tool

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Alright, since painting is on my mind.

Several months ago, when I was first contemplating the possiblitlies of repainting rooms in my home, I was searching for a chemical free, relatively lead-safe method of paint removal. I came across this cool tool called "the silent paint remover" or sometimes "speedheater." They're both manufactured by the same european company.

Generically, it could be called an infrared paint remover.

It's a sweet concept. Looking at the videos makes it look so easy! I want one!

Alas, using such a nifty device is not to be at this time: We're going for the quick and easy wet scrape what's peeling, and repaint. Some day, though, when we're look to do more than a quick fix, I'm going to rent or purchase one. One of these days...


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