Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, The Places I'll Go...

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Things I've thought about doing during my life (since leaving high school):


Historic Building Preservation


Weaver (as in textiles)

Interior Designer


Graphic Designer

Shop Owner
Health Food/Natural products/organic stuff
Cloth Diapers

Doula (Child Birth and Postpartum support)

Midwife (shocking, considering I never, ever wanted to be a nurse, because it all grosses me out, but I guess when you're motivated...)

La Leche League leader

Own a working farm (like a Community Supported Agriculture farm)

Broadway Singer. Seriously. (Recognizing that talent precedes employment, I knew it was unlikely. I did take voice during college, though.)

I'm all over the map on these things. At least I've got ideas for the 5+ career changes the average person makes.

You can see themes in my interests - Arts, History, Environmentalism. I always thought that Historic Preservation was a nice meeting point of my interests. That's actually what I was intending to do upon graduation (go to grad school and pick up a masters in Historic Preservation) However, I took an alternative route, and instead I attempt to master the piles on my desk(s) on a daily basis. I'll know I've accomplished something when I finally get to (and finish) the project sitting on the bottom of the pile on my studio desk.


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