Saturday, January 19, 2008

road trip

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Just got back from a quick(!) trip to the Madison, WI, area to attend a baby shower for my college housemate, studio pal, and TAM classmate (yes, I remember you sitting behind me discussing j.crew - I learned a lot! :))

It was wonderful to have an opportunity to visit with her in person, especially after 6 years of almost exclusively electronic communication.

I am so pleased that Melanie is joining the ranks of parenthood. I have no doubt that she and husband Andy will make excellent parents, and that older furry brother Thomas will do just fine with the new babe in the house.

I also find it refreshing to encounter another similarly granola-crunchy person - cloth diapering and organically oriented. Even though our future communication may remain much in the realm of the virtual world, I do enjoy it!


Melanie said...

how could i have forgotten about lovely tam 180 - blech. and the TA that made us have assigned seats. seriously.

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