Monday, February 11, 2008

blow out the candles!

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As a follow-up to the nose blowing story:

Today we had a birthday party for several people who have birthdays in January and February. We had on the cake the following candles: "92" in numerals for the 3 adults (our cumulative age), 6 pink candles for one of the girls, and 1 blue candle for Elizabeth. So, the pink candles and the numerals were blown out, and we were trying to get Elizabeth to blow out her candle. Unfortunately, her understanding of "blow" relates to noses. So, there she is blowing her nose at the candle. Thankfully, no snot was deposited on the cake. It was pretty cute, though.


Justin Crozier said...

I updated my blog, after a couple years... lets see how long it lasts. AND GOOD JOB WITH THE SNOT ROCKET!n

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