Monday, August 18, 2008

crawling back from the back 40

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And this is why I wouldn't make a good professional blogger: I am obviously lacking in consistency.

So, in recent events:

Jude and I were at Grad Camp last week (for college age people) and it was a pretty good time. I know we're not college age, but we were on staff, so that was our excuse to be there. :) I'm looking forward to next year's camp!

Elizabeth is being clever - She can kick a moving ball (usually she is chasing it, as opposed to me rolling it to her).

She is also using two syllables for some words - cracker (ca-ca), baby (duh), Banana (Nana!), a bite (a-by), and an all purpose word, a-ba-ba-ba, usually said as a question. The could mean: yogurt, breakfast bar, Manna-bear, or something else entirely.

Unfortunately, we're at the end of summer. Not many weekends left to try to get some real camping in (like, in a tent, cooking over a fire). I hope we can get out at least once!


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