Saturday, October 25, 2008

goodnight moon

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Goodnight Moon is one of the books in our library for Elizabeth (ours is the board book edition). As you might imagine, I've read the book a few times. I haven't had to read the words in a long time. That gives me the chance to look at the pictures. I've noticed things in my old age that I never noticed before.

Grab a copy and look for yourself:

Every time you see the clocks in the room, they're advanced 10 minutes from the previous color page. (Bunny's bedtime is 7, but it takes an hour to fall asleep. Sounds like my child!)

The mouse is brave, running to a different spot every time, especially with those kittens in the room. They must not be good mousers. Look for him on the shelf, in the window, by the fire, ready to eat the bowl of mush, on the drying rack, and scurrying across the floor.

There is a copy of the book "Goodnight Moon" on bunny's bedside table. Somehow that seems paradoxical. I imagine there is a better word that describes what I'm trying to express there, but it escapes me.

In the picture of the three bears sitting on chairs, there is a picture of the cow jumping over the moon, which is another picture hanging in bunny's room. So really, the cow picture is in bunny's room twice.

There is a picture from the book "The Runaway Bunny" hanging over the bookshelf.

And thinking of bookshelves... There is a copy of the book "The Runaway Bunny" on the bookshelf. This book was written and illustrated by the people who did "Goodnight Moon."

The room gets progressively dimmer.

The telephone has a cord that plugs into something, but the lamp does not.

I wish my toy house had electric lights.

At least the illustrator gave the adults something to do!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I did notice most of those things. I have read that book more than twice and could probably recite if now if necessary. - Mom -

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