Thursday, April 09, 2009

sounds around the house

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Elizabeth is singing now. I have a series of songs in a play list, and she sings the lyrics to several of them in her own timing. I smile when I hear her own version of falsetto (don't know why she does this). So phrases I hear from songs are: "You make me beautiful!" "no, no, no, no" "Shake it" and several others I can't think of off hand.

Nathanael is starting to make sounds of his own. E was not much of a babbler or sound maker and an infant, so to hear these little coos for Nathanael is fun. Up to now he had the typical pigeon sounds often associated with hunger. He sometimes throws in
growls and grunts that remind me of the sounds Master Yoda makes - "Hmmmm." Now, though, he occasionally produces a "whooo!" sound that makes actual use of vocal cords. What fun!

Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart, and we gave the ladies monitoring the self-check out a chuckle. I wanted to know how much Nathanael weighs, so I could determine if it was time to buy the next size up in disposable diapers. I took him to the check out lane, and laid him on the scale. I figure since it has to be accurate and legal for trade, it would give me a good assessment of his weight. 9 pounds, with diaper and clothes! So, yes, it would be wise to purchase size one diapers instead of newborn diapers.

Some photos from a day out with the family:

Notice the cute little froggie faces on the feet of this newborn outfit from his aunt Emma. He'll fit this for about 2 more days!

I have hopes of eventually catching up and putting some pictures up on my flickr. I also have hopes that I'll get my printed baby announcements out this week. Last baby, I had the announcements out within a week of birth. I'm doing good to be working on them at 3 weeks postpartum. Oh how time slips through my fingers!

That makes me think of something else that's different when parenting two:

Everything Takes Longer. It took me an hour to get both kids and myself ready to go shopping yesterday, and that didn't include anything fancy like me showering. I kept forgetting things like, Change diapers! pack extra changes of clothes and diapers in the bag! baby in seat, toddler in seat... Forgot the shopping list! forgot the shopping bags, what else I am forgetting...

Another new lesson I've learned about parenting two:

Don't leave the older child alone with the younger child for a second. I stepped out of the room to deal with laundry, leaving Nathanael on a blanket on the floor in the living room, Elizabeth on the couch watching a movie. I come back to the living room to find an empty blanket, and the baby lying on the treadmill in the other room. Ack! My mom tells me a story of me and the brother immediately older than me - he about 3 years older and he crawled into the play pen with me, and while choking me with his arm while hugging me, he exclaimed, "I'm playin' with the baby!" Alas, I think nowhere would be safe.


Melanie said...

elizabeth looks just like her mama. :) and whoa is me - just getting my act together to get out with c in the beginning was a trial. i can only image with the addition of another.

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