Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Updates, and all

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Little had I realized how I have neglected my blog! I have several half finished posts, but nothing major.

So, for an update -

Nathanael is mighty sweet. He makes all kinds of baby noises. Jude claimed he rolled over this past weekend, but he acknowledges that perhaps Nathanael had some advantage in the way the blankets were under him, and the pitch of the mattress. This morning, according to our home scale, Nathanael is 14 pounds. That would mean in about 2.5 months, he's almost doubled his birth weight. Isn't that supposed to take 6 months?

Elizabeth is now managing a few complete sentences, like "Make it go on." I've let her watch a lot of PBSkids recently, so now, she recognizes sesame street characters, super why, barney, clifford, and a few others. It's both cute and disturbing.

First cone of the summer

We're gearing up for the summer youth camp season. This year, we're directing a sr. high camp, a college camp, and we've done substantial work coordinating two other major youth events that are sponsored by our church.

A busy summer, indeed.

Things that have caught my attention in a word or few:

where's my exercise routine?
plastic baby pools, covered sandboxes, outdoor fun
loving my little camera
loving having kids back into cloth diapers
considering going old school: flats
where's this "breastfeeding moms loose weight faster?"
the epson is my friend
wish I were digital scrapping...


Melanie said...

elizabeth looks just like her mama in that photo. :)

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