Tuesday, July 28, 2009

being a big girl

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Over the past week or so, I've been noticing how much of a "big girl" Elizabeth has become. I think she must have grown or something, because she just looks... bigger. I see glimpses of who she'll become, hiding in the midst of the cute toddler that is quickly disappearing.

She is much more verbal, and understandable. She'll quietly look at a book or magazine. She's 2 going on 13 - she loves music videos, she throws inexplicable tantrums, and she's at times incredibly frustrating. She's stubborn, just like her mama (can we say "no potty on the pot"?)

She loves her some technology. ;) (had to throw something hick-like in there in honor of my hick-in-hiding sis-in-law). She loves playing Wii at other people's houses, she'll steal any cell phone she can find (and take pictures with it). She can manage the entertainment system.

One of my favorite things of late, however is her mimicry of music videos. There are several that she does, but some of the Taylor Swift videos are my favorites -

Here she is singing along to the "Picture to Burn" video by Taylor Swift. The drying rack leg with the blanket is her microphone, the broom is her guitar. At the end, she's asking for "should've said no" - That one's fun - when I get a good video of it, I'll post it!

Kids are Great!


Melanie said...

love the beginning where she's tapping her foot. :)

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