Thursday, September 03, 2009

a month in review

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An update, of sorts:

She can name most of her colors, and match colors. She calls clear things silver.
She can identify most of the uppercase alphabet, and several of the lower case alphabet.
She refuses to potty in a little potty, or on the toilet. She said, " No potty."
She can sing along to a lot of songs - things from TV, veggietales, radio, and some of the "kids songs" CD's. She's been requesting "Jesus loves the little children" and "Jesus loves me" for her bed time songs, and will sing along with those, as well.
Jude recently purchase a digital camera for her. She runs around, covering the lens, thus taking lots of pictures of her finger. She had me put it on a tripod today. "Say Cheese!"
She can tell you her name - "Beth," and her age "Two!" accompanied by two fingers. Sometimes, if you ask her how old she is, she'll say, "Beth!"
She's pretty good at playing a memory game. She also know the names of most of the Disney princesses, thanks to that game.

He's now doing a pseudo army crawl. He pulls with his elbows a couple of times, and then pushes mightily with his toes. He approaches things more from an angle than straight on. Once he achieves the goal object, he grabs it and rolls on to his back to study it more intensely.
He lets us know when he wants down (or at least wants to be doing something different) by arching his back and leaning to the side.
He can sit for a little bit, but then usually starts flailing his arms around, or grabs at something and topples over.
He lets us know when he is tired by "singing" - long, drawn out ahh sounds, repeatedly. He also lets us know when the only thing he wants is to lie down, in bed, and nurse. Any other situation gets a prompt screech and back arch.
He lets us know when he is hungry. He grabs your face with both hands, and then chomps down on whatever he can get - cheekbone, nose, chin. If he gets a chin, he'll often start sucking vigorously.
He drinks enthusiastically from a cup. He usually gets water down his shirt, but he reachs for the glass again and holds on. We got him a sippy with handles, and he's fond of that, too.
He's been vulturing our food - he tries to grab plates, bowls and utensils. He watches intently as we eat. In just a few weeks we'll try out some first foods. That'll be fun!

The rest of us:
I have been totally slacking on my exercising. I have actually gained weight since birth. Not cool.
We are finally done with camps. Oh wait, now that we're done, we get to start all over again...
We're going to take a "real" vacation! Where we aren't at camp or visiting people we know!
We're looking for a new place to live. We're currently living communally with our family/friends and it's working okay for us, but we're still on the hunt for housing. Anyone have a free house they want to give us?


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