Friday, February 12, 2010

midwives for Iowa, too!

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For all you Iowans (or who have friends in Iowa) -

There is a good shot this legislative session of getting certified professional midwives licensed. Supporters of the bill are looking for those who believe that families should have the right to choose where to have their babies, including at home with a legal midwife. Currently, direct entry midwives (like CPM's) are not legal in the state, and can be prosecuted for attending a birth. I know of one who has been prosecuted in the past few years.

Please, take some time to write to your legislators in support of legal midwives. You don't have to want to have a home birth yourself, you just need to think women should have the option if they want it.

Here are some links for more information:

And, after you've written your letter, contact someone else and encourage them to write a letter as well!

I've had a homebirth, and I had a homebirth transfer to a hospital. It was because my midwives were experienced and knew what to do that I had two healthy babies, and a healthy me at the end of both labors.


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