Wednesday, June 22, 2011

18 weeks (or 19)

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Again I'm behind with my updating.

I have a photo from last week, though!

Compared to 14 weeks,  definitely an increase in baby bump. Hopefully baby bump.  If that's all fat, I'm super sad. I'm trying to ignore all my fluff, but that's hard when all I want to do is eat ice cream and junk food.  I haven't eaten nearly enough greens and good protein.

Aside from that crazy jump a few weeks, ago, my weight has stayed in the middle range of "normal" for me, according to  I've used that site to track all my pregnancies.  The graph they use shows a pretty linear and consistent suggested increase in weight.  I know that I tend to gain and plateau.  I must not get too over-excited about any particular week's number. 

I feel pretty good, and I've even managed to exercise a couple days a week for the past few weeks.  I can totally tell that I'm out of practice, so taking it slow.  I had intended to be in walking condition for a 5k a the end of September, but I think we have other plans for that weekend, so I need to see if I can find a local 5k on a different weekend.  I've got some mild symphis pubis dysfunction going on, and that's not helping matters.  It all actually started up after I ran my 5k at 8 weeks. Thank goodness for my chiropractor.  He can make it much better for a few weeks before it starts really bothering me again.

Elizabeth has declared this baby is a girl, from the very first moment that she believed that there was, indeed, a baby in my belly. She has not wavered from that opinion.  There might be some merit to her guessing - thus far, she's been right with her two cousins born in the past few months.  She declared both boys when she saw their mamas pregnant. 

She has named this baby, too: her baby sister "Cakes."  I really have no clue quite where she came up with this, but she confirmed that yes, it's cake as in the stuff we decorate and eat at birthday parties. Because she (Elizabeth) likes cake.

I'm working with her to let her know that it could be a boy.  Sometimes, it'll trip her up a bit, but ultimately she goes back to insisting Cakes is a girl.

I think it's super cute, and I might start calling the baby in the belly "Cakes."  Never had a nickname for a baby except Jr.  It might be a bit odd, though, if baby turns out to be a boy, and I've been imagining a girl due to E's insistence.  Either way, I'll be happy!

And Nathanael?  He doesn't really seem to get it, or care.  He mostly enjoys reading the Dr. Sears' children's books What Baby Needs and Baby on the Way.  He often pats his chest, indicating that he's a baby.  He'll figure out eventually that he's not the littlest baby.


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