Thursday, August 11, 2011

26 weeks

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14 weeks to go.  That doesn't seem like very long, suddenly.  Just about 3 months. Since I'm going on a long family vacation (Yay! Three weeks driving across the southwest!) that means that almost a month of my time already gone. I'll get back and really start feeling the need to get my act together. 

But not yet.

And, in case you're worried about the wisdom of driving cross country while near the beginning of my third trimester - no fears - midwife approved, and I'll be traveling with an experienced RN, and we'll be stopping every 2-3 hours for walk breaks, potty breaks, and sight-seeing. Traveling with 4 adults (one of them pregnant) and two pre-schoolers (one who is potty learning) necessitates frequent stops.

I have begun to wear compression hosiery.  Yes, I am THAT awesome.  I started wearing them at about the same time during pregnancy with Nathanael.  They really are kind of obnoxious, but so much better than having my calves ache and burn all day.  I figure if they help prevent varicose veins, that's a good thing, right?  I don't have any that I can see or feel, but maybe as a preventative? Please? Let it be worth the squished toes in the summer heat?

Aside from that, life is good.  Baby cakes is kicking around doing well.  It's kind of fun to listen in with my fetoscope, and hear the heartbeat in one place, have baby flip around, and find the heartbeat at the other end.  Cakes tends to kick a lot when I am lying on my side.  Hampers baby style, I guess.  E still insists that Cakes is a Girl. After my previous experiment with the pee gender test, I'm not sure.

I'm working on my birth binder, which contains reminders for the start of labor (like the midwife's phone number!), a cheat sheet for labor positions and pain relief, my care preferences in event of hospital transfer, and maps and phone numbers for such places and people I might need to call.  I always hope I have no need for a hospital transfer plan, but I was SOOO glad I had one for Elizabeth.  It made things so much easier once we got there.

Apparently I am Plateau Girl when it comes to weight gain, this time around.  I essentially hovered around the same weight for the first 14 weeks, then jumped up 5 pounds in about 2 weeks, stayed them same until about 22 weeks, and have been adding weight each week since then, sometimes 2+ pounds a week. I'm currently about 13 pounds over my starting weight, at 26 weeks.  Not too bad. Assuming I don't change eating habits dramatically, I should be on a good trajectory for staying within expected weight gain for my body (based on BMI calculations).  I started right on the border between normal and overweight recommendations, so I've been shooting for about a 25 pound weight gain (overweight is 15-25, normal is 25-35). Honestly, if I gain more, I'm not concerned.  I gained between 30 and 35 pounds for my previous pregnancies, and I felt pretty good.  But, it would seem that I have a desire/need to watch my numbers.  I should probably take a clue from Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment and work on finding a better way to deal with my interest in numbers.

Regarding baby gear, I luckily found a Tummy Tub at a consignment shop for cheap, so that's off my wish list.  I'm keeping it away from the other kids, this time.  I also went ahead and ordered my postpartum kit from Homestead Emporium.  It'll get here sometime in the next several weeks.  I'm super excited!

Nathanael, being a dog.  Or a frog.

Nathanael took this photo.  It would seem we have two budding photographers in our house.


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