Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adelle: 6 months

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The half-year mark has arrived!  Baby Cakes has managed to survive her siblings and her parents, a pretty remarkable feet.

Adelle's stats:

26" long, 16 pounds.

Her foot has a little room to grow in the 0-6 months pediped shoes.  She's mostly moved into 6-9 month clothes. I love shopping for clothes for her, too. So many cute things to spit up on!

Major achievements in the past month:

Preparing for take-off!

Baby has landed!

Sitting! In the days leading up to her 6 month birthday, Adelle has been putting herself into a seated position.  Usually she goes from sitting to hands and knees frequently, so she's often in a different place/position than just a minute earlier.

Screeching - Adelle enjoys exercising her voice. A Lot. If you didn't know she was okay, you might think she's injured.

Babbling - "Mamama omommom ba!"

I think Adelle may talk more than the other two kids did - they were both pretty quiet in the "babble" stage. They are making up for that now.  Perhaps A has to talk more now to keep up with her sibs?

Table food - She gets little tastes of pretty much anything.  She also enjoys chasing Cherrios and bananas. She has quick hands, so watch out! I have a different approach to feeding A, compared to the previous two kids.  At the time I was first feeding E and N, pediatric thought was that it was better to slowly introduce foods, starting with the least allergenic foods, for the purpose of (hopefully) reducing the chance of food allergies.  Now, it appears that "they" think it doesn't make a difference, and to consider delaying specific food categories only if it is a known food sensitivity in the family (so, we don't do too much with milk products). So, I'm not being lazy 3 kids later, I'm being informed of current information! Right?

Other things:
Yummm.... toes!


Gymnastic nursing is starting to enter her repertoire as well. She is easily distracted while nursing, often leading to short nursing sessions or both of us getting covered in breastmilk. It can also lead to some unfortunate exposure, but really, if you've got a problem with my breast and my nursing, you need to get over it. I'm just sayin'. I'm protected by state law. And if I were to manage nursing A longer than 20 months, and it offends your delicate sensibilities to think of a kid old enough to ask for "nee-nees" breastfeeding, then go hide. Your problem, not mine. Enough of my militant breastfeeding. Back to cute babies!

Poised for a launch out the door.

She is still improving her army crawl. She's pretty fast.  Part of this may sometimes involve a kind of frog hop - while up on hands and knees, she digs her toes in, straightens her legs to a downward facing dog position, and then quickly springs both legs forward under her middle.

Stretch! Post-nap exercise. Love the chubby legs!
Adelle's naps are (unfortunately) random. When she does nap, they tend to be shorter naps - 30 -45 minutes. Sometimes she has several of these naps in a day, sometimes she manages a long nap or two. Other times it seems like very little napping occurs.  I think the girl needs more naps, though. No baby should have shadows under her eyes.


We are finally starting to catch more smiles on camera. Adelle started off life as a serene little baby, and she has continued to be low-key.  She loves, loves, loves her sibilings. Except when they get in her way, but that might annoy me more than it annoys her.

Now that Adelle is older, we she looks less like Elizabeth did as a baby. Similar, sure, but Adelle's hair and eyes are different.  She still looks enough like her older sister, though, that others remark on it!

 Now that she's 6 months, I'm going to stop my monthly update.  It's not like I was being very timely.  It's already 2 weeks past her birthday! Oh, I'll still update, don't worry.  I'm just going to give up trying to make sure I do it once a month. You'll know when things happen.


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