Tuesday, August 27, 2013

and that was August

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Note: I found this post languishing on the drafts. Here it is months later. 

So what happened to the rest of August?

We got back from vacation. We recovered by not going anywhere for several days.

I discovered my garden had been growing nicely. Many peppers greeted me. Carrots and tomatoes are growing in abundance. The strawberry plants are trying to escape their pots.

Elizabeth and I went on a geocaching date, and got some caches that we can't do with the younger siblings. And we watched moveis, and just hung out. And got together for a Not Back To School Picnic with our homeschool group.
And then it was time to start our school year.

Elizabeth is in 1st grade this year. We've chosen to go with a "boxed" curriculum, one that has all of the subjects we'll need for the year. Here's what we're using:

Sonlight Core A, with 1st grade Language Arts for E (Mostly for the writing. She's already finding the reading assignments to be super easy. )
Sonlight Science A
Singapore Math's Primary Mathematics 1A/1B
Handwriting Without Tears 1st grade
Art will be on an interest basis at home and with our homeschool group.
PE with our homeschool group, mostly in the form of playdates, but also group get togethers for rock-climbing, open gym, skating, and whatever else we do.
I'd like to add:
Spanish, maybe using Rosetta Stone, but we will see.  We have several Spanish-speaking children in our homeschool group, and Elizabeth would like to be able to talk to them better.
Music, mostly through piano lessons. Looking for a teacher.

So, I've been trying to get myself ready for teaching, getting a handle on the flow of the material, and making sure we're ready to go.  We've done a couple of days so far, and I can see we'll find our grove with it.

And in a few days, we'll have some people visiting us to finish our fly-by August. Good-bye Summer,  Hello Fall!


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