Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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I've noticed that the past few posts have been created on Wednesdays. In an effort to continue that tradition, I am posting.

A brief update while Baby is snoozing -

Babies Rock. 'nough said.

The longer version of that:
I really enjoy having a baby. I thoroughly enjoy being a not-gainfully-employed-outside-the-home-mom (some people refer to this as a "stay-at-home-mom," but the "staying" part seems a little misleading). I am looking forward to my return to creativity in the artistic sense. As Baby E gets older, I find more opportunities to take some time while she plays to accomplish things I haven't been able to in the past few months. Sadly, I'm just now beginning to incorporate things that used to be part of my weekly routine (getting back into recycling, regularly cleaning, and hopefully, tackling some organizational and decorative project around la hacienda).

Indeed, it has been great. I can spend many hours just watching and cuddling with Baby Girl. She does all kinds of wonderful things that all babies do, and does them within the range of normal, but I'd like to think that she falls into the category of babies that are on the leading edge of the bell curve. She rolls, she scoots. She laughs, she stands with support. She kicks her legs excitedly, loves cooing and aahhing at her dad, and makes her opinions known quite vocally. She likes to look at picture books, and enjoys being read to. She likes to go with me around the house in our baby wrap. People say she's a beautiful baby. I'd also like to think that she truly is an outstandingly good-looking child, but recognize that people tend to think most babies are beautiful, unless they are noticeably Un-Cute.

Highly recommended to married couples in stable life circumstances!


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