Monday, June 25, 2007


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I had a young relative at my home recently, and it was indeed and enlightening expereience.
In my home, organic, un-homogenized milk is standard. Which mean, that my cream is at the top, and sometimes, even with vigorous shaking, it will still have little clumps in it.
I offered my young guest a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and she requested added white sugar to the plain wheat Chex, and we poured on the milk. I noticed several minutes later that the bowl was virtually untouched. I asked if something was wrong, and she described the cream bits. She didn't know what it was, and she didn't want to eat it even after she found out. Alright, I can respect that. It just strikes me as interesting how little people are really informed about how and where their food comes from. It cracked me up when she said, "It comes from the Cow like that?1?" after I had described how the milk she has at home is different from mine.

I was impressed, however, when she went ahead and ate the steamed broccoli we had the night before, even though she really doesn't care for it.

Oh, the food oddities to which I can look forward.


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