Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Environmental Grumpiness

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I make an effort to be environmentally conscious. I recycle. I cloth diaper (bumGenius are awesome!)I have reusable grocery and produce bags. some might call me crunchy.

At my local Hy-Vee however, my efforts seem in vain. On a recent trip to the store, I had my trusty paid-for-themselves-already bags. I made my purchases. The bagger put some items haphazardly into my bags, and proceeded to use 10 more plastic bags! Merely 2-4 items per bag! Granted, I purchased somewhat more than typical, but I can usually fit a whole trip's worth of items in my 4 bags. Growl. Those baggers need to learn the art of bagging. The looks of confusion I get when I wander in with my bags... at least I get $.05 discount every time I use my own bag!


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