Monday, October 29, 2007

water conservation

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I've been thinking about our friends in the Southeast, and how in some areas, water conservation is now vital to living. As part of my gift to society, I present to you some "well DUH" water conservation tips:

1) Wear your clothes more than once. Establish "Dirty" as being obviously smelly, such that Febreeze offers no relief, and there are obvious marks on your clothing (say, baby spit-up, mud, things that require a full washing to remove.

2) Wash FULL loads of laundry. Forget sorting in to light reds, dark reds, light blue, medium blue, greens, purples, whites, beiges and denim. Light and Dark, that's all you need, if that.

3) Use a towel several times. Apply the principle used to determine "dirty" clothes.

4) Leave your sheets on the beds for twice as long as you normally would.

5) Wash your dishes by hand, and re-use your rinse water - don't let the water run to rinse your dishes.

6) Does your plant provide you food, or some essential medicine? Let it Die. or, find ways to creatively reuse your grey water.

7) Washing your car is NOT essential.

8) Don't Flush. Seriously - only flush every other time, or only flush when there is feces in the toilet. Pee is just a little more liquid in the pot.

9) Shower with someone.

10) Take "camp" showers - water on to get wet. turn off. soap up. turn water on. Rinse. turn water off. Done.

11) Shower less often. Everyone is conserving water, anyway, so no one will really be willing to call another person on their odor.

12) Use hand sanitizer instead of water and soap when possible.

I'm sure there are many more that could be applied, but hopefully, this will give you a smaller water bill!


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