Tuesday, November 04, 2008

babies ain't dumb, or my kid wants to vote

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Jude and I were discussing today's election this past weekend. We had mentioned the names of the two major party presidential candidates several times. Jude was looking at something in the news paper and said "Obama" in the midst of a sentence. Elizabeth pipes up and says "Ahma!" We said, "can you say McCain?" "Cain!" and so it went. When ever we mentioned the name Obama, she would pipe up, eventually perfecting her pronunciation to "Bama!" and saying "Cain!" at the appropriate times.

I was watching the local evening news with Elizabeth tonight, and the news anchors were talking about tonight's election coverage. I don't believe they mentioned either candidate by name, nor did they show pictures of the candidates. They just used the word 'election' repeatedly. Elizabeth says "Bama! Cain!"

Clearly she is quite aware of the conversations going on around her. She knows 'election,' 'Obama,' and 'McCain' are all words that go together!


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