Wednesday, November 05, 2008

language skills

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I continue to be amazed at seeing language development first hand.

Monday, Elizabeth would say "Buh" for book. Tuesday, she says "Book."
There have been other words in recent days, but she is adding final consonant sounds to her words.

She has been working at two word phases, although at this point, she is repeating phrases. We read a book wherein a character says "I'm waiting" a whole lot. Elizabeth say "I a-ying" when those words come up in the story. We say "I'm Mama," or "I'm Daddy," and she repeats it back to us.

And, I believe just yesterday, she has created her own phrase. She asked for something, (one word) and said please! I only heard it once, so I'm waiting to see if this is indeed what she did. She's not said please before, so I'm guessing that is the word she said.

Who knew that I would find this to be one of the exciting parts of this age?


Anonymous said...

Kate's at the phase of saying words very emphatically. "MOM!" "DAD!" "BOOK!" "JOE!" "HI!" It's actually quite funny.

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