Wednesday, March 04, 2009

38 weeks!

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38 weeks - Do I look much different compared to 36 weeks? I don't really think so, but if you look back earlier, to say, my first post at 18 weeks, or at 26 weeks, you can certainly see a difference!

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm trying to catch up on sleep so I'm as rested as can be, but Elizabeth isn't cooperating. I think she knows something is up. She's been waking more often at night, and crawling into bed with us, which certainly gives us a less restful night!

I've been working on using positioning techniques, in hopes of getting this baby into a more favorable position for labor. This baby has been floating towards a right side position, and sometimes a posterior position, while I'm encouraging baby to turn to a left position. I've been using some of the techniques from spinning babies. The nice thing for me is that they also relieve some of the low back discomfort.

I'm all set with my birth supplies, and I've been prepping my newborn cloth diapers, in addition to adding a few new diapers. I had some Kissaluvs size 0 fitted diapers that I used with Elizabeth, and I liked them enough that I purchased another 6 of them. I also bought a couple of new covers - they are Thristies brand (never used, but heard great things about them) in melon and celery - the names really do capture the colors well!

At about 33 weeks, I had created a to-do list before birth. It grew to be about 4 pages long. I've accomplished enough on it that I consolidated it into a new list, which is now one page long, but there are additional things on this list that weren't on the original list. It gives me something to do, instead of stewing around waiting for a baby to arrive.

Don't forget to guess!


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