Wednesday, March 11, 2009

39 weeks

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Here I am at 39 weeks. This picture is a little different from all the rest; Jude took it for me. So, here I am, laughing because he said "Now that's a fake smile," in response to my previous smiles. So, squinty-eyed, showing gums. That's how my family and friends know my "real" smile. It's also a little off angle, as in, I've been taking shots that where I'm not turned to the camera, for a good idea of where my belly is. I'm slightly turned to the camera, so I won't say this is a comparable shot. But it was fun to do, anyway.

I'll be sending this camera off to the manufacturer's repair shop again today, for a mysterious rattle in the camera after it was returned from the repair shop the first time, which resulted in broken pieces falling out of the camera after we opened the doors and shutters to see if we could get out whatever was making noise. We got out the noise-maker, but it is not reassuring to send an item to be repaired by the manufacturer and have it come back apparently broken in a different way. So, I have my Canon PowerShot SD880IS to take pictures for the next while until my Canon 10D SLR returns to me. We have a camera for taking new baby shots, which is really all I care about at this point. Besides, my Dad will be around shortly after baby is born, and he has an awesome Canon 30D, so it's not like I'll be without a nice SLR to use.

I'm exercising my patience, and working at finishing up little tasks (and some big tasks) around the house. I am trying to jinx myself into having this baby sooner rather than later by doing things like planning to attend or be responsible for certain things at church (I have a back-up in case it works!) I was thinking maybe sending my SLR off a week before due date would help, but I suspect since I have another camera to use, it won't.

The reality is that Baby will show up when he/she pleases.

And, here is Elizabeth at just over 2 years old. She said, "Turn?" as in, my turn? She posed like Mama does, and we took her picture!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is cuter than Carrie.

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