Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've always made my cinnamon toast wrong

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That? Is yummy.

I shared several pieces with my children. To protect the innocent, we will not divulge the exact distribution of toast. It was a treat to eat with our hot cereal and orange juice.

I found out recently that I've been doing my cinnamon toast wrong my whole life. I used to toast my bread in a toaster, apply butter, and then spring cinnamon. While it is indeed a toast with cinnamon and sugar, I was not maximizing the potential of my treat. I'm not saying that I won't do that in the future, but if I have the time, I now know the way to go. I have a tub of prepared spread for whenever the mood strikes us. It may strike often.

Here's where I learned the right way to make cinnamon toast: PW's Cinnamon Toast


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