Thursday, April 22, 2010

we have green

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I planted some of my garden around April 7.  I didn't really keep track of when exactly I planted, but it doesn't really matter, because I now have green things sprouting from the potting soil! 

I planted green onions from sets, a lettuce mix, spinach, snow peas, pole beans, chives and parsley from seed, and strawberries from crowns.

Everything has popped out of the dirt, except for the strawberries.  I understand that crowns are notoriously hard to get growing without rotting, but they were inexpensive, so if I need to buy other plants in a week or two, no big deal.

I'm just enthused that I have green showing in my planters!

Now that we are past the frost date, our next round of planting will be to start dwarf sunflower, zucchini, peppers, and cucumber from seed.

I need to get a tomato seedling, and I'm contemplating some mint.

After that, I should probably stop, since I have a limited amount of container space.

Elizabeth and Nathanael are both good helpers.  Elizabeth has a little watering can, and she is learning how to water the plants safely.  Nathanael has a misting water bottle.  He doesn't get much water on the plants, but he enjoys carrying it around while we are all outside, and working the sprayer with both hands.

Elizabeth is really hoping to plant some watermelon.  She picked out a packet of watermelon seeds.  We've talked to our former neighbors (with whom we have shared some garden space) about putting in a hill or two of watermelon.  They are willing to host our seeds, so perhaps we can get up there in the next week to get them planted.

Thinking of our former neighbors and garden space: last year, I had a small corner of their garden where I had some lettuce, onions and garlic.  I harvested the garlic last year, and I thought I got it all, but apparently not.  This year, in that corner, there are 4 or 5 bunches of garlic shoots.  I need to dig them out so the neighbors can till that part of the garden for other uses.  So, perhaps I'll give a go at trying to transplant the shoots to a new container.  If they don't make it, no big loss.

I'm really enjoying myself this year.  Having the garden on my porch is really working out for me!

Happy Earth Day!


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