Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adelle: 2 months

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What sweet smile our girl has!  Here in this house we all do just about anything to get a smile from Adelle.  And when someone gets her smiling, we all gather around, and start grinning at the smiling baby. I used to think baby talk was dumb, and honestly, some baby talk is.  However.  Making sounds and exaggerating words and sounds to keep the attention of a little baby is purposeful. The smiles are totally worth the goofy words and expressions.

Her face is changing so much!  I can look through Elizabeth and Nathanael's photos from the same age, and I see a lot more similarities now that I did just a few weeks ago.  It's nice to make good-looking babies.  At least I think they are, but I'm the mama.


The 2 month stats:
  • weight - 11 pounds 10 ounces
  • length - 22 inches - still a guesstimate, but we try!
  • Sometimes I call Adelle "Dells."  Usually she's Adelle, but sometimes Cakes or Sweets.
  • Nursing is still a challenge, but it's more of a laundry problem.  It's a messy process sometimes, and noisy. She tends to let go frequently, which means there's milk all over both of us. 
  • Adelle likes to be in motion.  She prefers to be upright, most often looking over a shoulder. She prefers us to be walking as opposed to standing or sitting.  If she's in a car seat, she prefers the car to be moving. 
  • She's loosened up some what, and she's found out how to grab her own hands. And my hair, and necklace.  Elizabeth has been the victim of a baby hand in the hair.  It sure can be hard to disentangle those little fingers.
  • She likes to be stretched out when awake, but she really seems to benefit from being swaddled for nap time. Unlike my other two, she will fall asleep if I put her down in a drowsy state. It can be hard, though to get her to that point.
  • Her sleep is becoming more organized.  Although naps aren't consistently timed, she usually sleeps a long stretch about an hour after waking, and then another long stretch sometime in the afternoon.  There are usually short naps interspersed through the rest of the day. She seems to be ready to sleep for the rest of the night between 7 and 8.
  • She has learned that she can make the toys attached to her rocker seat move by vigorously waving her arms and kicking her legs.  She stares intently at her toys for 15 minutes in a row, all the while watching how they move and rattle.
  • Adelle can stand with some parental balancing for about 10 seconds at a time.

Elizabeth's favorite thing about Adelle: "Kissing and holding hands."

Nathanael's favorite thing about Adelle: "Blue." Again, I don't know what this means. When asked what he likes best about her, he says "I don't know," and shrugs.

Jude's favorite thing about Adelle: "Her smile."


ASiriusGirl said...

She has the EYEBROW arch! Love it!

Melanie said...

i think she looks just like her mama! and i love that she's sporting that onesie in the first photo. :)

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