Tuesday, January 10, 2012

don't expect much

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The confluence of recent events means I'll be blogging less over the coming couple of months.  Factors influencing reduced likelihood of posting:

  • Baby.  Hello!  Almost 8 weeks old.  When did that happen? Oh, it happened when I was:
  • Watching the first 6 complete seasons of Bones. So irritated Netflix doesn't have the 7th season. And the first episode of the 7th season is not available to me except via Huluplus, which I don't want to pay for. Bah. Jude is happy about this though, because it will mean I have more time for:
  • House hunting.  And packing.  Mostly the packing, though.  This time, we actually need to securely pack everything, since it will all be moved in one fell swoop.  No random, unclosed boxes that aren't firmly cushioned.
So, although I sincerely hope to keep up some regular posts, maybe once a week, I anticipate that life will conspire to keep it relatively minimal.

In recent news, I have only managed to get on the treadmill once since getting my pretty, comfy new shoes.  I have, however, been weightlifting via tossing large logs into the wood furnace. 

I have, unfortunately, gained about 7 pounds since the low point after giving birth. 

Apparently, unlimited chocolate, bags of potato chips, and other unhealthy snacks do add up.  I was reminded that craving fatty things and sweet things can also indicate a need for more protein (in addition to telling us we need more sleep). So, now I want to eat eggs all the time.

I'm still drowning sweet Adelle in breastmilk. Poor kid.  Poor wardrobe and anything within a couple of feet of me when nursing.  We're a mess. Seriously.  She gets mad at me when she wants to comfort nurse, and all she gets is a lungful of milk. She screams at me until I give her a finger to suck on instead.  Pacifiers were made for this kind of instance, I think.

Really, that's what my life has centered around for the past few weeks.  Thinking about a house, dealing with a baby, and getting ready to move.  My other two kids are grateful for PBSkids. Or maybe I am grateful for PBSkids. Either way, I get stuff done, they get to learn things from the glowing screen. And I feel guilty about that, but I'll deal with that another day.


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