Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Adelle! {1 year}

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Brand New
One year ago, Adelle Jane entered our lives!  If you're into birth stories, here's hers: Introducing Adelle Jane


What you should know about Adelle at 1 year old:

Adelle is about 20 pounds and 29 inches.

Adelle has been walking for a number of months. During the past month, she has completely mastered the stairs - up and down, with speed.  You usually hear her coming up the steps because she likes to throw her hands on to each step with a loud "Thwump!"

Adelle has been making some effort at words in the past 2 weeks. The sounds we've been hearing (but I haven't for sure declared) are (in order of appearance)
"Da-ya" - Daddy (when waving hi to him),
"Ha" - hat, 
"Mumumumum" - Mama (only when she is upset and wants my attention)

She's an avid dancer. She has a very serious face when she dances.
She likes to wave bye, hi, and night-night.

We have a large yellow tonka truck, and Adelle likes to climb in the back of it.  She then waits for someone to push her around the room.

Adelle enjoys reading - she find books, and brings them to us to read to her.  She also finds books, opens the up and starts reading aloud to her self. Loudly.  Very Loudly.

She loves baths. She splashes and pours. She blows bubbles.  She is surprised when she slips and gets some water in her windpipe, but she recovers.  She tries to get in the bath with her sibs, but when she fails she just splashes their water from the side of the tub.

Finally, she has all four front teeth. Now she can really tear things up. I think she'll discover that eating solids can be pretty fun.  If I'd let her make a mess with it. :)

Thanksgiving: Last Year vs This Year

The past year, in pictures:



Hmmm... This headband is too small. It restricts my plotting to take over the world.

After walking the 5K with Mama.

Stealing Dad's pizza

Enjoying the beach at Lake Michigan

Loving the swing at the playground
"Rock Climbing" at the Shedd
Her own apple. Don't take it.


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