Wednesday, November 07, 2012

midwives in Illinois

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We moved to Illinois just after the birth of our third child. In Missouri, we FINALLY had non-felon midwives!  yay! And then we move where, like Missouri of the past, non-nurse-midwives are not legally able to attend homebirths. Boo.

Well, since I've changed states,  and I support midwifery licensure, I need something to keep me busy, right?

So, once again I am delving into supporting licensing of Certified Professional Midwives. In Illinois, the consumer group (Illinois Families For Midwives) has waned, and a new group is coming together to provide the grassroots support that is needed to ensure that women can find legal homebirth providers. 

I don't know if we'll have more kids. I don't know that if I have other kids, all of them will be born at home.  But I certainly would like the freedom to easily and openly seek out and interview a variety of skilled providers, and decide who I think would provide the kind of maternity care I desire.

I guess that's me telling you that I'll be posting about this stuff on and off.

So, uh, fair warning.


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