Wednesday, December 19, 2012

little things

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My mom talks about her grateful book.  She writes down things that she is grateful for, and it helps her remember all the things in life that are blessings to her.

Here are a few things I am grateful for, and that make me happy:

5 days ago, she made noises that were kind of horse-like while playing with horses.
2 days ago, Adelle made a "Whoo-Whoo!" noise when reading "The Little Engine That Could."
Yesterday, she starts intentional blinks in an effort to wink at Jude.
I don't know what she'll do today, but it will probably be awesome.

He plays like I remember my brothers did - lots of sound effects, running around flying his lego planes.
He comes up with Wild Stories, and often inserts the word "bottom" or "poop."
He is a superhero. Depending on the minute, he could be Spiderman or Captain America. Or a Train Superhero.

My lovely girl is an author and artist. She has been making books and illustrating them.  We got her a sketch book to start recording her ideas for keeping. Some of her stories are big enough that we transcribe them for her.
She loves purses and small boxes for keeping things. Very much like her Nana.
At the same time, she loves superheros and transformers.  She settled for a Transformers toothbrush when I said no to the battery-powered light saber toothbrush.


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