Friday, April 05, 2013

Elizabeth is 6

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I'm late posting, but my darling girl turned 6 a couple months ago.

Such a precious girl.

Things about E:
She is missing her two front teeth and the two bottom teeth on either side of her front teeth.  I can't think of what those are called, and clearly haven't the motivation to google the answer. Just be glad I'm even blogging anything, yo.

She ADORES anything princess, fairy, tea party.

When she grows up, she's going to be a paleontologist-gymnast-dancer-actress-doctor-mommy.  I'm most proud of the last one - it's the only one that stays the same, and hey it must mean that I'm doing something right.  Or that as six she's figured me out and is already planning to do better.

Favorite color steadfastly remains RED.

She is the queen of the segue as non sequitur - "Speaking of {whatever} I think we should have a tea party!"

E can read, and read pretty well. Her read alouds are pretty smooth and she appears to be reading the sentences as a whole (in general) rather than as discrete words.

She got her own camera for her birthday, and has been taking tons of selfies and making videos. Perhaps she'll be a photographer like her mom or dad. Or a TV producer or a star in her own Food Network show.

She's testing out her independence.  She just recently asked to take showers instead of baths. She is asking for guitar lessons from Jude.  She rides her bike (no training wheels!) by herself, and usually remembers to put on her helmet.  She doesn't usually want anyone to buckle her carseat harness - she can do it herself, thankyouverymuch. She sometimes helps with meal preparation. She wants to do lots of things by herself.  I have to remember to let her try.


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