Thursday, June 20, 2013

blogging bucket list

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It is hot in this room.  Too many computers running, I guess, and too many things stacked in front of the AC vent.  So much for organization.

I'm currently cycling through a state of nothing being effectively organized.  There are mixed piles of stuff strewn about the house.

(Random: Strawberries were originally called "strew" berries, because they were strewn about the plant/ground.)

I've been working on a bit of a blog bucket list for the summer.  Here it is:

Blog something once a week (ambitious, no?)
Finally post about Nathanael's 4th birthday, about 4 months late.
Post the cuteness that is Adelle.
Share out family summer bucket list, some of which we've already done (Hint: "strew")
Post about Adelle more.
And Nathanael
And Elizabeth
Write about not being pregnant for this summer's grand adventure. (wheee!!!)
and blog stuff.


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