Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nathanael is 4

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Since I don't want to leave out my boy, even though it's been 4 months since his birthday:

Happy Birthday, Nathanael! 

You were born at home in the bathroom, caught by your daddy with just our family in the house. You had little skinny frog legs, and I loved you for them.  For the full birth story, you can read over here.

You are awesome, and sweet.

When Elizabeth is sad because she ate all of her treat, and wants some of yours, you kindly share with her. You are very sensitive to other people being upset.

When people are unkind to you, you cry big tears. And when you try to talk when crying you sound just like your mama: Unintelligible.

You like the water. Except. When it gets in your ears or eyes.  That is the most awfulhorribleterribleworstest thing ever.

You still put your shoes on the wrong feet, and your underwear and shorts on backwards.  Your shirts, too. And while you may not care what you wear, you are very particular about your hair style.

You ARE Iron Man.  And Tony Stark.  Your best imaginary friend is Soldier, who apparently looks like Daddy, and sometimes he has kids, and sometimes not, and sometimes he's even a grandpa.  Soldier was away on a long mission for a while, but he's back now.

Your favorite stuffed animals are Hammy (your hamster puppet), Elmo, and your baby doll.

Your favorite color is blue. You still love trains, planes, and cars, but mostly trains.

You will eat almost any green vegetable. You enjoy veggies and will eat them straight out of the ground/off the vine! You don't care much for melted cheese (pizza, casseroles, even grilled cheese) but you'll usually eat it anyway. You don't care much for pizza at all, really, and never have.

Your energy knows few bounds.  You dance like a crazy monkey. You sometimes literally run in circles when you have more energy than you know what do do with. You run, and jump and are filled with much derring-do. 

You cuddle and snuggle, and like to rub your face on people's arms.

You are my boy, and I love you!


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