Monday, July 29, 2013

pickin' strawberries

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(Forgive the fuzzy pictures.  My camera decided to quit focusing properly, then quit all together. Didn't see if till after the fact.)

We went strawberry picking for the first time this summer. We (me) managed to pick 20 pounds of berries, of which we made jam, frozen whole berries, and some delicious fresh treats!  A shout out to Guelde Strawberries for the easy picking. Great prices, too!  Although the berries aren't organic (I wish!), they say they minimize spraying chemicals on the berry plants.

I'm not totally sure if the kids liked it.  They said they liked the first 5 minutes or so of picking. Adelle, especially, since she just ate the berries out of the box.  After 5 minutes, the kids were done, really, but they hung out around me for another 20+ minutes picking a berry here or there.

Then, the fun really started for them - I  opened the trunk of the car, and spread a blanket out.  They got to hide in there with the trunk lid acting like a sunshade.  Thank goodness for the crazy-big trunk of an Impala! They played with toys, drank water, and kept themselves entertained while I finished picking berries.

I think we'll go again next year!


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