Sunday, March 19, 2006

know your weaknesses

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Eating while driving. Driving while eating. Whichever way it really is, I realized recently that if I am behind the wheel, it's a Bad Idea to be eating. Especially if I'm eating something crunchy, like chips.

Reason #1: my car is not a restaurant. It's not Safe to eat and drive, because of the distraction of the food.

Reason #2 (the more important reason): If I'm sitting there eating from a bag of chips in my lap, my mouth doesn't stop chewing! The driving part distracts me enough that I eat on autopilot. Not so healthy for anyone, to chow through a bag of chips.

I've found this is a weakness of mine. I go to the grocery store. I'm shopping, and hungry (mistake #1) I walk By the chip aisle, then turn around and walk Through the chip aisle (mistake #2). I purchase, and I leave, groceries in hand. Then, in some kind of eating frenzy, I open the bag, and proceed to munch the whole 15 minute drive home (and finally, #3). As if I'm somehow trying to conceal the evidence of my non-stop noshing. (If you eat the evidence, no one knows!)

Lest anyone be concerned that I put myself in danger of an accident or weight gain, this is not a regular occurrence. Typically I can withstand the temptation. Just not all the time!


Anonymous said...

that was me and a candybar just yesterday...

Justin Crozier said...

I have a similar issue on long car trips. I must drink a thousand calories while driving if I go more than a few hours. Its totally unnecessary.

Joses said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joses said...

I'm Ticked!
I have been making blogs for like 30 months, and already you have more comments than me. I know I don't blog near as often as you, but I put a great amount of time and effort into them. I understand that I have deleted some of the more ignorant comments that I have recieved, but the fact of the matter is I posted most of them anonymously, then I felt guilty and pathetic for commenting on my own comments about my own blog which is all made up anyway and I deleted them. Still!
I am gonna keep an eye on you. And if I don't start getting more comments when I blog, I am gonna hack into your site (if I can get randy to help me) and I am going to block all of your comments. Or I might just eat all of the tasty cerial and bread that you make when you go to town to purchase milk and butter to accomidate them.

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