Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where have all the watercolors gone?

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My father asked me how my watercolors are going. I'm sad to say that they haven't been going for about a 2 weeks, now. I've got lots of excuses. The biggest one is that I'd been gone from home for 8 days. As for the other 6 days, well... I would like to pretend I was prepare for the youth retreat that Jude and I directed. I'm sure I did a variety of other things that were mostly pointless.

I don't know if I'll be home next week. Probably, I'll be out with the Man o' Many Towers, filling out paperwork as he views the Chicago skyline from atop the watertowers in Chicagoland. Maybe I should have him take a camera up for a picture to inspire a watercolor!

It's hard to get into the mode to paint when I haven't painted very recently. Every time I start, it seems like I cover the same ground. Now that I'm thinking about it, though, I'm seeing some paintings in my mind that I need to paint. Where's that paper....


Anonymous said...

I make your Dad take his camera with him so he can't say "oh man, I wish I had my camera."
I made him take a block of watercolor paper with us on our trip to Marco Island in Florida. The paintings from that are better than the photos that we have.
So Carrie, give that camera to Jude or go up there (half-way?) and take with you some paper and paints. It's a good sign that you are seeing watercolors in your mind. That's what a real artist does.

Anonymous said...

yep, i'm thinking you need to hand jude the camera so that you can get to work!

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