Sunday, March 26, 2006

swirly brain

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This is one of those times when there are so many things to write about, and so little thought organzation.
sewing machines. watercolors. flowers, spring, green grass. cleaning house and clearing the drafting table for some real drafting. lives in crisis, families at peace. visitng with friends, learning things to help others, my little ponies on my desk.

I think the state of my computer desk really captures, in visual, the state of my brain. a little bit of clear space in the front to do some basic work. things to cut with, things to draw with. sticky notes, music makers, toys, software, fun books, junkmail, calling cards, instructtion manuals, candles. projects half done, others need to be started.

It seems funny that I should work so hard to compartmentalize the aspects of my life into tidy little stories. There are so many things that go on that impact my thinking. So, for this post, a snapshot of my swirly brain.


Anonymous said...

This is so amazing. I was swirly brained just the other day. Too many piles of paper. Maybe I need more baskets to put them in. Or maybe I need to throw them away.

Joses said...

If you weren't swirly brained, you didn't have everything on your mind all the time,and you had everything in a compartment doing only one thing at a time (notice I made no mention of organization or efficiancy) You would be a man.

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